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The way we work at the moment in these challenging times, means businesses need to be highly visible on the net. So here at FlickBase Studios, we offer various affordable services, from Design, Redesign, Website Management, Website Photography, WooCommerce and Social Media Management.

All this comes as an affordable package of services, so your safe in the knowledge your in safe hands. Rest ashore costs are kept to an absolute minimum for all of our services.

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Services, redesign, design

website design Services

If you need a website designed from scratch then we can help. Not only will you get an affordable bespoke website, you will also receive 12 months support and be shown how to update your site. So you are not left floundering on the how-to’s, once the site is handed over.

If at the end of this period you would like to take over the site then you will have the knowledge learnt from us to access all areas of your site. If not, we do offer a yearly management service.

Redesign Services

Ever looked at your website and come to the conclusion that it’s not quite as you envisaged?

Here at FlickBase Studios we know that understanding our customers needs and ideas are what lies at the heart of our design process. So our customers get exactly the design they want and not what a design service thinks the want.

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web management Services

Our management service consists of looking after your site with hosting, updates, SEO, SSL certificates and domain name renewals on a yearly basis.

This takes the hassle of you and leaves you free to concentrate on growing your business.

social media management

Need your social media to match the standard of your website. Look no further! From Facebook, to Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, we have you covered! We can help design, create, schedule and post. Not sure if you need a hand with it, contact us today to find out!

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web photography Services

Photos for your website are very important. Weather you need photos of yourself, staff, stock or your premises.

We can cover your websites photographic needs.

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