About flickbase studios

Established in 2001


FlickBase Studios have been in website design since 2001, back when HTML & CSS were hand-coded in an editor. Even though WordPress (which is a CMS tool (Content Management System)) was introduced in 2003, (though Drupal had been around since 2001) we did not start to use WordPress until around 2006 as a website design tool.  At the time this was for blogging sites, non-blogging sites were still HTML & CSS.

Times have changed however (for the better, we might add). We have used WordPress for all our websites since around 2010 and strongly believe it is a solid tool for our customer’s needs, from bloging to eCommerce, the possibilities are endless.

So, Why WordPress?

WordPress has become the world’s most popular content management system for a host of very good reasons. It is very easy to use, beautiful, secure, responsive (mobile-friendly), scalable, comprehensive and dare we say it, free! There’s no need to learn HTML, PHP or Java Script. So there’s no need to be tech savvy to get along with it.

We have included some big names below who use WordPress for their websites just to give you a taster. We must stress these sites have not been designed by FlickBase Studios.

Mercedes Benz

BBC America

The New York Times

The Walt Disney Company

We know clients need to access their site to edit the content themselves. We believe WordPress fulfils this requirement and more.

As WordPress is a database-driven website, there is no need for a database wizard to be involved in the design service. So if your needs are for a single page, multiple pages, shop or just a blog, you’re all set to go.

Don’t worry, we do not just hand a site over once it goes live like some design companies do, then charge high prices (sometimes for only 15 minutes of work!) for every time you need anything doing to your website.

We include 12 months Technical Support via Email, Telephone, Live Chat or in person (inline with COVID 19 restrictions and geographical location!).

Also included in our price plans are premium plugins for WordPress. These plugins help owners and users make editing and updating their sites eaiser and less time consuming.

Once you have chosen us we consider ourselves part of your team until you are happy to go it alone. If after the first 12 months you would rather not, we can carry on managing your site for you.  Please see our management services page.

We are all about you having an affordable bespoke website, that shows you and your image off at it’s best. As we have mentioned before, it costs nothing to ask questions. We would never pressure sale our website design service. That, leads to bad press for us.

So please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help in anyway we can.

We look forward to your stay.

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